Wholesale Unit Option Now Available For YLN/YLS Websites

In response to recent customer feedback, GNS has recently introduced a ‘Wholesale Unit’ option for their retail ecommerce platform, aka Yourlocalnewsagent (YLN) and Yourlocalstationery (YLS).

Wholesale Versus Retail

Under normal operation, your YLN/YLS website automatically reduces all units of measure (UOMs) to ‘EACH’ to match your normal stocking unit for retail sales. For example, a box of twelve pens (UOM ‘BX12’) that you may purchase from GNS, will automatically be advertised as a UOM of ‘EACH’ on your website, so you can sell the pens individually to your customers.

Whilst this issue is limited to a small percentage of our products, it can be inefficient for items you don’t normally carry in stock. E.g. If a customer wants just a single pen delivered as part of their online order, and you have no stock, you need to order the full box of twelve from GNS to fulfil the order, leaving you with eleven pens on the shelf.

Increase Average Order Size

With the new ‘wholesale unit’ option this is no longer an issue as GNS can convert your website to sell in the same unit of measure that we sell to you. The ‘EACH’ becomes a ‘BX12’, so when your customer orders one unit, they’re ordering the box (priced appropriately), not the pen. This can improve your processing efficiency (you don’t have to count out individual pens) AND dramatically increase your average order size as many customers who order online (particularly businesses) are used to ordering in bulk quantities. They don’t want to order individual pens, but would prefer to order a box (or a few boxes) instead.


But what if you don’t want to sell in wholesale units to all your customers? Thankfully, because of the flexibility of our ecommerce system, a number of customers are already experimenting with running multiple websites – one using a retail unit of measure, and one running on wholesale units. For example, you could run www.mystationerystore.com.au as your retail store and wholesale.mystationerystore.com.au as your wholesale store, which you run exclusively for your business customers. You can even develop different pricing rules for each site.

Drop-ship Friendly

If you’ve used our drop-ship service, you may already have come across this issue because GNS is currently unable to drop-ship retail units for some products. If your customer orders three pens, but we ship as a box of twelve, we cannot currently drop-ship the order. We are addressing this as a priority and have already reduced our wholesale unit of measure for many lines to match retail, for example with the POSCA pens. In the meantime, converting your website to ‘wholesale units’ solves this issue completely. As your customers will be ordering in the same UOMs that you purchase from GNS, you can now drop-ship ALL your online orders. In fact, you needn’t hold stock at all to sell online! Why not let GNS drop-ship your ‘wholesale unit’ orders directly to free up the cash you’d normally use in holding your own stock?

More Information

For more information on the YLN/YLS ecommerce platform, or converting your website to use wholesale units, please contact our Marketing & Digital Products Manager, Paul Middleton, on paul.middleton@gnswholesale.com.au or via our website at www.gnswholesale.com.au/wholesale-unit-option-on-yln/.