Having started with GNS back on the 1st of December, I can report that it has already been an interesting journey. It’s been great to get to the various states and see how GNS operates nationally, but the real benefit and education has come from talking to our customers and the various marketing groups about the opportunities we can uncover together.

As the market changes, GNS has to change with it. The introduction of new and diverse product lines, increased customer samples and supplier support will see GNS providing more value and creating more profit-making opportunities to our customer base over the coming months.

It’s also worth mentioning GNS has the capability to share, with each and every customer, data on what is selling well, and what is not, allowing us to make more informed decisions together on product ranges and sales promotions that work for your business.

The formation of a centrally-located internal telesales team took place back in September last year, which quickly generated good results. However, after speaking to many customers, a decision was made to disband this team. Newsagents are a traditional business, and as such require our face-to-face support.

Based on the feedback we’ve received, telephoning time-poor business owners to inform them of our latest promotion (or sell them the value of our huge product line), as they were trying to serve their own customers, might have not been the best way to help them.

Consequently, we have already reallocated two of our Internal Telesales Account Managers as face-to-face Business Development Managers (BDM) in the NSW market, with more to follow in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. The rest of our Internal Telesales Account Managers were reallocated to our National Customer Service Team, strengthening our commitment to our customers and improving response times and issue resolution.

Over the coming months I will be speaking to as many customers as I can, and I invite you to contact me directly with your feedback and suggestions at any time.

David Gifford, National Sales Manager – Retail
0409 511 677