Over the past 12 months GNS has achieved a number of advances in operations. We have improved our delivery times and service, providing our customers the opportunity to maintain and capture new sales in what is an extremely competitive market.

We wouldn’t have been able to achieve these outcomes without our dedicated warehouse employees – the real champions of GNS. They’ve worked hard to improve accuracy, meet later order cut off times, establish same day metro delivery and implement our very dynamic drop ship service.

As we know business transformation should never stop, so we are currently reviewing our strategy for future logistics capacity to focus on providing more deliverable improvements to customers in order to provide a far stronger supply platform. This review is looking at how we move inventory around the country as well as the role each distribution centre will play to strengthen is current service capacity. We are thinking out of the box when it comes to our future logistics and facilities, and this is looking extremely exciting.

Staff development is such an important aspect for GNS, and we are very proud that we have delivered substantial formal qualified training this year for many of our warehouse teams.  Our goal is to provide training opportunities to all staff and we are pleased to confirm that our training will continue this year. As with staff training, we also need to focus on management training. We are currently working towards providing our Operations Management & Supervisors the opportunity to participate in a Diploma in Logistics course.

Our IT team has recently implemented a formal helpdesk process to support our staff and we are extremely pleased with the quality of this project rollout and proud of the commitment our IT team have made in ensuring our staff requirements are met.

The system is extremely easy to use and the quality of communication to keep you informed is exceptional. Over the next few month the team will roll the helpdesk service out to customers, which is another important way we can provide our customers better support through operations.

Improvement requires change, and at GNS we have embraced the opportunity to go above and beyond what we set out to achieve for our customers. We encourage our staff and customers to challenge what we do today, in the spirit of improvement, as it might generate an important idea that will make a difference.