Over the last couple of months, we’ve started to trial a new customer service platform that will radically change the way we deal with our customers. You may already have started to see the emails the system generates, and may even have benefited from using the new system without knowing it!

The new system will provide the foundation for a complete overhaul of how we interact with you, and the levels of service we offer.

Starting with email and fax communications, every time you contact us a new ‘ticket’ will be raised and assigned to a Customer Service Agent. It will be their job to ensure your question or issue is resolved, either directly or by recruiting the skills of others within GNS; or by contacting suppliers, couriers and other partners, as required.

All this activity will be accessible to everyone in Customer Service (so no problem if someone is not available if you call back), and you can track the progress of your own tickets via an easy-to-use web portal if you choose to do so.

We’re not stopping phone support, but we’re hoping that the new system will mean it’s not necessary to call as we will already have sent you any information you need. And when you do call, we’ll send a simple confirmation of the call by email, with the identity of the Customer Service Agent you spoke to, a brief explanation of what the call was about, and next steps to resolution (if it’s not already solved).

As well as managing your issues more efficiently, we are also using the system to create a knowledgebase and community support portal known as the “Help Centre”. This is a self-service website that we hope will provide answers to questions you may have without you having to contact Customer Service at all. If an answer to your question isn’t already available, you can post your question to the community area so staff and other customers can help. We’ll be using this area to get your feedback and
suggestions on any future developments at GNS, too.

Some content is hidden from public view and only accessible to customers, so you’ll have to Sign In to get full access (learn how here). Currently, this will require you to request a password. In future, you’ll have automatic access to the Help Centre via GNS Online.

The trial isn’t finished, yet, but we will start to roll it out in the Customer Service department from the beginning of December. You’ll start to hear more about how you can interact with the system over the coming weeks but, if you can’t wait, head to http://support.gnswholesale.com.au/ now.

Paul Middleton
Marketing & Digital Products Manager