By Paul Middleton,

In the last Chain Mail newsletter, we announced that we were trialing a new customer service platform. We are happy to announce the trial has concluded and we are now using this every day within GNS to provide a more efficient service and quicker resolution of your issues or requests. You may have noticed a change in the emails you receive from Customer Service and other departments as a result. This is all part of the system, and you should respond to the emails as normal.

One key feature of the new system is the GNS Help Centre (, which acts as an online knowledgebase where you can access information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’re adding content to that system constantly, and we’re hoping it will become your first port-of-call when you need information relating to procedures or terms and conditions, or to apply for services such as drop-ship or Officesmart. It also has information relating to our ecommerce services, YLN/YLS and Officesmart.

For questions we haven’t covered yet, or for more general inquiries, there is a Community area. This part of the Help Centre is a public forum where you can ask questions of GNS directly, and receive answers from staff and/or other customers that might already know the answer or who simply want to be part of the discussion. The advantage of posting and responding to questions in this way is that everyone has access to the answers at any time of the day or night. Next time you have a question about how GNS does things or services such as drop-ship, or a suggestion for how things can be improved, why not post it on the Community?

At this time, posting a question requires you to Sign In. Details on how you can get a password to Sign In can be found here. In the very near future, we are hoping to integrate all services (GNS Online, the Help Centre, and other platforms) under a “single sign-on”, which means you’ll only need to remember one username and password, and will have access to all systems without having to log in to each separately.

Have a question? Post it on the Community!


Paul Middleton
Marketing Manager/ eCommerce Product Manager