1. Give people an obvious way out
    Take other people’s feelings into consideration and give them a way to escape a tight spot gracefully. They’ll really appreciate it even if they never say anything, however, if you corner them, they may resent it and you, forever.
  1. Praise in public, criticise in private
    Praise people in public and criticise only when you’re with them in private. This applies at home and at work, and goes back to considering their feelings.
  1. Address issues constructively
    Address any issues in a constructive way, preferably when they are small, and do not leave them to fester.
  1. Listen to people
    Sometimes we all appreciate the opportunity to talk things out without being “fixed”. Practice just sitting and actively listening (nodding encouragement and being present). The person you’re listening to will really appreciate it.
  1. Show them how it’s done
    Role-model any desired behaviour you want others to copy, or show someone rather than simply describing how something is done. Remember a picture (or action) paints a thousand words.
  1. Be a positive force and see the possibilities
    Being positive and spontaneous helps others feel really comfortable, happy and positive. Saying things in a positive way will help others feel optimistic, and look for possibilities and solutions instead of problems.
  2. Don’t be pressured by others
    Don’t be pressured by what society tells you to do – it’s your decision whether you want to fulfil your potential or not. If you decide to do it, great, go for it, but do it for your reasons, not anyone else’s. You get to choose, you decide, it’s your life!
  1. Have integrity
    One thing we all value is integrity. When you do what you say you will, then no-one can be disappointed, because you have fulfilled your word to yourself and to others, lessening the chance of conflict and guilt.

    Most of all, treat everyone with respect and care, for we are all human beings, doing and being human. Nobody is perfect all the time.

Jo Hanlon
HR Coach/GNS HR Manager