Warehouse trading

We are currently at our peak period when our warehouse volumes triple as we see significant demand for EXPO, Christmas and Back to School promotion really start to increase.

Balancing our scheduling is difficult at this time of the year. We focus on re-defining our priorities daily, to do our very best to meet our customers’ expectations. There have definitely been delays in our processing, however our focus the past month has been to work through these delays and bring us up-to-date as quickly as possible.

To help with our scheduling we do allow for additional labour and overtime. However, we’ve had to increase our requirement well beyond our expectations this year.

On writing this Newsletter, I am confident our scheduling is back in line and our customers should be seeing improvements again in our order turnaround.
From October through to January you do see a significant increase in retail activity across all segments, so there are naturally going to be delays through the whole supply chain and in particular with freight. It is recommended customers place their orders earlier than normal so we can make sure we manage priorities with our freight providers as well.


We have made further improvements with our inventory strategy for BTS to ensure we maximise fill-rates and opportunity for our customers. Specifically, we have extended our inventory timing for picking, through better forecasting for December & January. Our supply partners have assisted greatly and we are having our inventory managed a lot earlier this year.
Our BTS processing has started to increase to the levels we require, which will keep our warehouses up to date moving into December and more importantly January as Schools prepare for the new term.

Perth project update

A significant portion of the Perth project has now been completed
in context to storage and warehouse layout. This is enabling the final relaying of inventory and the goal of improved productivity and service to customers.

We have no real delays with the project at this stage. However, with all the re-configuration within the warehouse, we did experience some delays in order processing, as we shifted stock to pull down hang sell and binning, to re-configure.

Overall, the project is progressing as planned, and as new developments occur, we will keep you updated.

Jason McLeod

Chief Operating Officer