A key aspect of the GNS value proposition is to remove costs from your business. Our drop-ship service is just one way we facilitate this for you, by minimising the amount of stock required ‘on hand’ whilst providing the fastest fulfilment to your customers nationally.

Ideally, the drop-ship service should be entirely transparent. Your customers don’t need to know that the goods have been shipped directly from the GNS warehouse, and GNS would prefer to remain anonymous to your customers, too!

To this end, all drop-ship deliveries sent from GNS already include a customised delivery docket that shows only your details and makes no reference to GNS. But, until now, a fully transparent drop-ship service has not been possible because our shipping labels have required the GNS name and address, which was used by our freight partners for tracking. We are pleased to announce, however, that we have been able to change our shipping labels and remove all references to GNS and instead include customised labels with your business name and address and even your logo, a level of service unparalleled within the industry!

Customised shipping labels are currently available to all drop-ship enabled customers for shipments sent from our NSW, QLD & VIC warehouses. WA will implement these changes as part of a larger project plan there (detailed elsewhere in this newsletter), due for completion in Q4 this year.

Fully transparent drop-ship is just one way that GNS can remove costs from your business.Don’t have drop-ship? Please contact your BDM.