With our Accounts Receivable function now fully centralised in our Brisbane office it is a good opportunity to reflect on the changes we have made to assist our customers.

New Banking Partner

With the St George Bank as our new banking partner it is important that you update our account details before making your next payment. Our new bank details are:

Account Name: Arakella Pty Ltd T/AS GNS Wholesale Stationers

BSB:                             112 879
Account No:             422 343 880

Easier Payments

With the assistance of St George Bank, we now offer a safer and faster way for you to make payments by Credit Card. You no longer need to call GNS and provide your personal details to us over the phone, instead you can make a secure payment online.

To make your next payment online, simply visit our PayWay Net Portal at


They should complete the form as follows:

  • Biller Code: 408369
  • Customer Reference Number: Enter your account number, prefixed by your home state, for example if you are in NSW and your account number is C7000, enter: NC7000.

PLEASE NOTE: A 1% service fee applies to Visa and MasterCard payments.

A Direct Debit payment option can also be provided. For more information, please contact GNS Accounts Receivable via ar@gnswholesale.com.au.

As always, please ensure your remittance advice is forwarded promptly to allow us to allocate your payment quickly and accurately. You can also email us for any general inquiries regarding your account and one of our experienced team members will respond as soon as possible.

Mervyn Mahony
National Credit Manager