The Levy is a small charge (currently 0.5%) applied to your invoices when you order from GNS. Each customer’s Levy Fund (the total of your Levy charges) is capped at $6,500 – once your Levy Fund balance hits this limit, the charge is no longer applied.

When you close your account with GNS you can use the Levy Fund to pay outstanding invoices,
and claim back any remaining balance from GNS as a payment.

If you’ve already closed your newsagency, or intend to do so in the near future, you may be able to reclaim your Levy Fund balance from GNS. You can do this by requesting a Levy Refund Form from our National Accounts Receivable Team at

Any refund due will be processed as part of the account closure process, and is normally paid after around 4 weeks to allow for late credits, turnovers, etc.

Please note that failure to make a claim on Closed Accounts in a timely manner may result in your Levy Fund balance being surrendered as Unclaimed Monies to your local Office of State Revenue.

If you’re not sure whether you have a Levy Fund balance, or have any questions, please contact Accounts Receivable at