GNS updates pricing labels as they expand their fulfilment and payment options

Cost Effective Pricing Model

GNS has always sought to offer our customers the most cost-effective access to our range. From the outset, we have encouraged customers to come and collect orders from our warehouse, removing the cost we incur picking and packing, and allowing us to pass on those savings to give you the lowest possible price on your stock. Only later, as we expanded and grew, did we start to offer a delivery service, which gave you the additional option to stay within your business and have your stock brought to you for a slightly higher price.

Today, GNS employs over 250 staff, the majority of whom work within one of our four warehouses, responsible for ensuring that stock is available for you to pick yourself from our cash & carry shelves, or to provide timely delivery of your orders.

Two-price Model

The choice to use our cash & carry facilities, or have your order delivered, is supported through our “two price” pricing model. Each product we sell has a ‘Pickup’ price, relating to stock purchased at Cash & Carry; and ‘Delivered’ price, which we charge if you want your goods delivered. You would have seen these pricing labels, Pickup and Delivered, on the GNS Online website, order forms and invoices, and anywhere we quote a price.

The Pickup price is our lowest viable price and doesn’t take into account any costs associated with picking and packing the goods, delivery, or the cost of extending credit terms, which itself costs GNS money.

The Delivered price is higher because it takes all these additional factors into account, and not just the cost of freighting the order to you.

Service Expansion

However, GNS is continuing to expand its service offering, including, for example, the introduction of the new Drop-Ship service, and these two labels (Pickup and Delivered) are no longer adequate on their own to describe the services they represent, or what we can offer you. In order to allow us to provide you with more choice regarding how your order is fulfilled (e.g. self-service, collection or delivered) and paid for (e.g. cash or credit terms, on-time or early remittance), it is necessary for us to change the pricing labels we use to be more representative of the options available.

New Terminology

Effective 1st July 2015, our existing pricing labels will change. Our ‘Pickup’ price will thereafter be referred to as ‘Cash & Carry’ or ‘C&C’. This will represent our lowest pricing option, available for self-service purchases from our warehouses, paid at the time of purchase (not on terms). The ‘Delivered’ price label will remain the same, but may also be expressed as ‘Delivered with Terms’ or ‘DwT’. This will reflect our minimum viable price (like ‘Cash & Carry’), plus the additional costs incurred in picking and packing the order, delivery to your chosen destination (including drop-shipped direct to your customers) and your standard credit terms.

In the near future, GNS will introduce new pricing and payment options that provide you with clear opportunities to save time or money based on your specific requirements for delivery and credit terms. We’ll be notifying you as soon as possible to confirm details of all the new options available, but these may include a ‘true’ pickup option (we pick & pack, you collect from the warehouse), early settlement discounts (pay early, receive a discount), and discounts based on your chosen payment method.

New Names – Same Prices

It is important to note that, whilst GNS is updating our pricing labels, the prices themselves will not change as a result. The Cash & Carry price will remain the same as the Pickup price was, and the Delivered price will remain unchanged (subject to standard price changes, of course). Over the coming weeks, you will start to see the new labels appear on GNS Online, order forms and invoices, with all changes scheduled for completion by 1st July.


More Information

For more information on the change of our pricing labels please contact your Business Development Manager or National Customer Service on 1300 789 862.